7 - 10 April 2022

It is with so much excitement and long awaited anticipation that we can eventually announce, at the very top of our happy voices: “yes sir, we can boogy!” Join the Boogy Family once again for the 2022 version of Mozamboogy. We have made a slight adjustment to the date, simply because we are too excited to wait any longer.



For more information about ticket prices and options visit our Ticket Info page. Ticket sales will open on 31 January 2022 @ 4:20 pm.

Boogy and COVID

In these uncertain times we are not able to predict the exact requirements needed to cross the border into Mozambique by the time Mozamboogy 2022 takes places.  As things currently stand the following is needed in order to cross over the border and back home again :

P.C.R. test is required no less than 72 hours before entering into Mozambique this can be done at any Ampath or Lancet Laboratory Testing Site at a cost off approximately R500 per test.

Rapid Anti Body Test is required to return into South Africa, this test is done at the borer post (on the South African side of the border) needs to be paid in cash and costs approximately R300 per test.  Please note this causes a delay at the border post.